The “Internet of Things” and the Smart Home, What's it all about???
lee Kauffman , Editor | Jun 20, 2014
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The rapid evolution of consumer electronic devices, smart phones, wireless sensors and apps are converging to create the “internet of things” (many times referred to as IoT). ”Things” refers to virtually any device that can benefit from having embedded sensors that monitor and report on activities, allowing for an action to be taken manually or automatically. Examples of “things” in the home that benefit from monitoring and remote control:

1. Thermostats

2. Lighting

3. Security and Video

4. Power Consumption

5. Healthcare Monitoring

6. Moisture Detection

Remote control of the device can be directly controlled by the user via an app on a smartphone or tablet or automatically controlled based on event. For example, you might choose to turn your lights on from your smart phone as you approach home or you could define an event that checks your location based on GPS location and turns on the lights dependent upon on your proximity to home.

There are a myriad of vendors currently offering bits and pieces of this type of functionality. A partial list includes:

1. Cable Providers such as Comcast

2. Start-up companies

3. Home Security Companies

4. Home improvement companies such as Lowes and Home Depot

5. Consumer electronics companies such as Philips.

Adding to the confusion is that most vendors take their own approach to implementing smart home technology. Your first step in constructing a smart home is to do a bit of research to determine the vendor that provides the broadest range of functionality implemented using standards based technologies. This will allow your smart home network to grow as new technologies emerge. The Smart Homestead community is dedicated to helping you achieve this goal.

For those of you who like to explore the detailed technology aspects of smart home technology click here for an excellent article from RTC (the magazine of record of the embedded computing industry).

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