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Katharine Prince | Sep 24, 2014
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A great home begins with a great floor plan. At Energy Smart Home Plans, (ESHP) we painstakingly design our efficient homes to “live bigger," reducing both construction and energy costs — an ESHP signature feature that is much appreciated by design and cost-conscious homeowners.

For super energy-efficiency, we engineer all of the mechanical equipment (AC & Heating) within the homes’ conditioned space. Easy to build chases are designed strategically below a vented attic. Perceived as architectural upgrades, the Ducts In Conditioned Space offer luxurious 10’ volume ceilings. This planning alone can save 25% in energy costs. How is this possible? Simply put, the homeowner is no longer paying to push cooled or heated air through a hot or cold attic.

Additional energy saving features include Raised Heel Trusses that “make room” for adequate ESHP specified attic insulation. Our Advanced Framing 2x6 walls with California Corners yield greater exterior wall insulation while saving 20% of the lumber needed. In addition we have an effective and inexpensive solution to insulating a block wall, particularly suited to hot and humid climates.

You’ll also find deeper overhangs and porches to shade the largest windows. We even simplify the roof design to increase it’s “real estate,” for the addition of an optimal power-producing PV Array and/or Solar hot water system.

Hi-Performance homes offer additional benefits: Healthy, Comfortable, Safe, Durable, Resource Efficient & Energy Efficient. Read More

Choosing the right windows can mean success or failure in building energy-efficient homes, so ESHP specifies Andersen Hi-Performance products. Building an energy-efficient home with budget windows would be like leaving one open 24/7! We recommend maximizing your home’s performance with the superb 100 Series windows and patio doors.

Energy Smart Home Plans are not only the first pre-drawn, energy-efficient home plans, they can also be tailored to the home-owner’s specific climate zone.
Before every Energy Smart Home Plan is shipped, it is updated to reflect the latest building science information.

We offer innovations such as our Builder Series Plans and Plan Plus Options.

A Builder Series plan has a “sister” or similar plan designed with identical footprint but different interiors, such as a 2nd Master Suite alternative.

A Plan Plus Option home contains a popular option within a set of plans. A typical Plan Plus Option includes a Den and Formal Dining swap.

*Building an Energy Smart, Net-Zero Ready Home Plan is a great start towards maximizing your home’s energy-efficiency and even energy independence. ESHP recommends contacting our preferred Building Science Engineer (Home Energy Doctor link), or one in your local area. Vitally important to building a Hi-Performance home — a Building Science professional is essential to optimizing the energy efficiency of your new Energy Smart Home.

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Energy Smart Home Plans
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